Weightloss Rewards List

by bestfoodiesforlife

When we first got back on the Keto train (we know this isn’t a short term diet, it’s a lifestyle, but sometimes, things happen!), we knew that there were going to be ebbs and flows with our motivation, which warrants us doing something extra. Overall, we will always have motivation to better our health and feel more comfortable in our clothing, but knowing ourselves, there has to be external factors as well to help us stay on track.

Pre-keto, we can 100% say it would have been going out to eat to celebrate achievements and milestones. Now that we’ve pivoted our outlooks on food, we put together a list of non-food rewards that will keep us excited to reach each goal. We both made these lists separately, and then showed each other once they were completed. Surprise, surprise, we had similar items! Birds of a feather…keto together. Our rewards are centered around self-care and having fun. Two things that we have found are key to living our best lives. The nice part about this list is there are items we can enjoy together to celebrate each other’s victories.

As we head into the end of the third month of our journey, this list has been a really good tool to help motivate us to keep pushing. This approach has given us a tangible way of seeing a reward for the hard work that has been done. We’ve only hit one of the milestones so far, but the non-scale victories have continued to roll in week after week. The items on our list are the big hitters!

What tools have you used to keep yourself motivated? Do you have a rewards list? What are the rewards?

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